Border Crossings at the WSO’s 26th Annual New Music Festival

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  • Meredith Monk in conversation after “The World of Meredith Monk,” Sunday, January 29th, 2017.

  • Pre-concert panel: Matthew Patton (host), Allison Sniffin (Vocalist & Pianist), Katie Geissinger (Vocalist), Robert Enright (Border Crossings).

  • Matthew Patton, Meredith Monk, and Andrew Balfour.

  • Alexander Mickelthwate, William Basinski, Matthew Patton.

  • Matthew Patton, William Basinski and Robert Enright.

  • The Border Crossings’ team…

Winnipeg New Music Festival Photos, 2017

It has been a wonderful and eventful week as Border Crossings participated in the 26th annual Winnipeg New Music Festival. This issue marks the third consecutive year of Border Crossings’ collaboration with the festival. We enjoyed a stellar lineup with musical guest performances by Meredith Monk and William Basinski, both artists featured in Border Crossings Issue #140 Sound Film Photography. We launched our current issue on the Piano Nobile level of the Concert Hall on Sunday, January 29th after a breathtaking night of music composed by Meredith Monk. Monk delighted us with her visceral, and at times ethereal, musical compositions. And we moved into primordial matter with William Basinski on Wednesday Feb 1st during, “The End and the Beginning of Music.”

We look forward to revisiting the old Downtown Bay basement for the Ghosts of the Hudson’s Bay Building on Thursday Feb 2nd where Matthew Patton premieres his piece, “The Limits of Almost,” and to the World premiere of Fjola Evans’, “Find Light in the Beautiful Sea, ” alongside Turkish composer, Fazil Say’s “Mesopotamia Symphony” on Friday Feb 3rd. Finally to cap the festival off there is the 12-Hour Drone: Experiments in sounds of Winter, a unique and immersive overnight sound experience not to be missed!

The New Music Festival runs till Friday, February 3, 2017

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