The Winnipeg Alphabestiary


ISBN 978-0-9810286-0-6
10 ¼ x 8”, 104 pages, colour illustrations

F is for Fruit Flies, G is for Goat Girl and K is for Kurmudgeon Finch? Insects, a hybrid and an aviary misspelling are not what come first to mind when compiling a list of animals, but are what readers should expect from the twenty-six creatures comprising Border Crossings’ Winnipeg Alphabestiary book.

Border Crossings commissioned twenty-six enchanting works from some of Winnipeg’s most accomplished artists to create a collection celebrating the magazine’s 25th anniversary. The creatures featured in the alphabestiary collection demonstrate honesty and imagination in their rendering. They include Andrew Valko’s Lecherous Leopard, Janet Werner’s painfully lovely Goat Girl, who also graces the cover, Kim Ouellette’s superbly stitched Fruit Flies, Simon Hughes’ elegant Ice Swan and Eleanor Bond’s devoted Pet, among myriad others.

Along with the twenty-six artworks, the book includes a foreword by William Wegman, no stranger to the animal kind, whose written words are as charming as his own drawings.

Border Crossings’ Editor Meeka Walsh, has contributed an introduction, The Many and the Marvellous; an essay, On Being and Becoming: The Animal, The Artist and the Art, and composed a series of animal notes accompanying each of the twenty-six images.

The book also includes extensive biographical notes on all the artists who participated in this celebratory project, drafted by contributor Robert Enright.

From Wanda Koop’s A for Ape to Shaun Morin’s Z for Zebra, the animals that dwell in the pages of the alphabestiary challenge, conjure and inspire. We invite you to explore The Winnipeg Alphabestiary where, to quote Meeka Walsh, “the real and the imagined cohabit”.

Artists A-Z

  • Wanda Koop
  • Aganetha Dyck
  • Shawna McLeod
  • Erica Eyres
  • Doug Melnyk
  • Kim Ouellette
  • Janet Werner
  • Tim Schouten
  • Simon Hughes
  • Michael Dumontier
  • Marcel Dzama
  • Andrew Valko
  • Drue Langlois
  • Daniel Dueck
  • Jon Pylypchuk
  • Eleanor Bond
  • Dominique Rey
  • Diana Thorneycroft
  • Neil Farber
  • Adrian Williams
  • Sarah Anne Johnson
  • Alison Norlen
  • Bonnie Marin
  • Cliff Eyland
  • Melanie Rocan
  • Shaun Morin