Katz Tote Gift Bundles


In this bundle, you’ll receive a limited edition Allison Katz screen-printed canvas tote bag and two Border Crossings issues where we look at Allison Katz’s work.

The Tote is a limited edition tote bag by London-based Canadian artist, Allison Katz. Since her graduation from Columbia in 2008, Katz has exhibited widely in Canada, the US and Europe. She is represented by Giò Marconi in Milan, Italy and by The Approach in London, UK.

Issue 146 features:
Erin Shirreff
Jimmie Durham
Meryl McMaster
Ray Smith, GT Pellizzi and David Alfaro Siqueiros
Jeff Ladouceur
Allison Katz

Issue 135 features:
Chantal Joffe
Chris Cran
Tal R
Amy Sillman
Cecily Brown
David Salle
Cliff Eyland
Mélanie Authier
Allison Katz