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Title: The Probity of Art
Author: Lee Henderson
Date: December 2017
Issue: Volume 36, Number 4 (#144)
Page: 52-56
Section: Essays   Tags: drawing, lee henderson
Subject: Drawing
Title: Good to Think: The Architecture of Jože Plečnik
Author: Indra Kagis McEwen
Date: June 2016
Issue: Volume 35, Number 2: Art + Architecture (#138)
Page: 103-105
Subject: Jože Plečnik, Ljubljana
Title: Remembrance of Things Passed
Some Reflections About Moral Agency and Global Synchronicity
Author: Jonathan Rosenbaum
Date: August 2015
Issue: Volume 34, Number 3: Painting (#135)
Page: 104-0
Section: Essays   Tags: jonathan rosenbaum
Date: March 2015
Issue: Volume 34, Number 1: we are monsters (#133)
Page: 46-49
Section: Essays   Tags: daniel baird, jack burman, monsters
Title: Art’s Unmediated Middles
From Ekphrasis to Ekstasis - and Back Again
Author: Mark Kingwell
Date: December 2014
Issue: Volume 33, Number 4: Correspondences (#132)
Page: 68-87
Section: Essays
Title: Against Influence: In which an Artist Makes Sweeping but Occasionally Supportable Statements
Author: Cliff Eyland
Date: March 2014
Issue: Volume 33, Number 1: Influence (#129)
Page: 54-57
Section: Essays   Tags: cliff eyland
Subject: Essay by Cliff Eyland
Title: Reflections on Animality
Author: Meeka Walsh
Date: July 5, 2013
Page: 34-37
Section: Essays
Title: The Ineluctable East
Author: Daniel Baird
Date: June 2013
Issue: Volume 32, Number 2: Special Venice Issue (#126)
Page: 80-0
Section: Essays
Date: August 2012
Issue: Volume 31, Number 3: Dreams and the Spaces In Between (#123)
Page: 0-0
Section: Essays
Date: August 2012
Issue: Volume 31, Number 3: Dreams and the Spaces In Between (#123)
Page: 0-0
Section: Essays
Title: What’s so funny ‘bout peace, love and Ab Ex
Or on the peculiar problem of feeling almost nothin in front of masterpieces
Author: John Kissick
Date: December 2011
Issue: Volume 30, Number 4: John Currin (#120)
Page: 54-57
Section: Essays
Subject: Abstract Expressionism
Date: May 2011
Issue: Volume 30, Number 2: Brian Jungen (#118)
Page: 68-70
Section: Essays
Subject: Conceptual writing and Jean-François Lyotard’s postmodern sublime
Title: From the Frying Pan Into the Firmament: The Fate of Old Master Drawings
Author: David Franklin
Date: September 2010
Issue: Volume 29, Number 3: Drawing (#115)
Page: 50-54
Section: Essays
Subject: Old Master drawings
Title: From Disco to Death Switch: Tales from Contemporary Abstraction
Author: John Kissick
Date: May 2010
Issue: Volume 29, Number 2: Marcel x 3 (#114)
Page: 74-78
Section: Essays
Subject: contemporary abstract painting
Title: Doubling Standards: Arguments in the Galleries
Author: Myrna Kostash
Date: December 2009
Issue: Volume 28, Number 4: Micah Lexier (#112)
Page: 64-67
Section: Essays
Subject: revolutionary art, socialism, and the soviet-era avant-garde; modernism and Alexander Rodchenko; the gallery as façade  
Date: August 2009
Issue: Volume 28, Number 3: Paint (#111)
Page: 68-71
Section: Essays
Subject: “Pictures Generation, 1974-1984” at the Metropolitan Museum in New York
Title: Construction Sight: Building the Self on Facebook
Author: Randall Anderson
Date: June 2009
Issue: Volume 28, Number 2 (#110)
Page: 0-0
Section: Essays
Subject: Fluxus artists and the “Eternal Network”; relational aesthetics versus social sculpture
Title: Winnipeg: You’ve Come Undone or, You’ve Got to Get Down to Get Up
Author: Wayne Baerwaldt
Date: August 2008
Issue: Volume 27, Number 3: Winnipeg (#107)
Page: 86-90
Section: Essays
Subject: the impact of Plug In ICA programming on creative production in Winnipeg
Title: Ice Fishing in Gimli: Bibliophilic Rapture in the Cold or Twilight’s Last Gleaning
Author: Gary Michael Dault
Date: May 2007
Issue: Volume 26, Number 2 (#102)
Page: 76-82
Section: Essays
Subject: Rob Kovitz’s “Ice Fisihing in Gimli,” a multi-volume bookwork-in-process
Title: The Bird-Like Mind of Beastly man
Author: Daniel Baird
Date: March 2006
Issue: Volume 25, Number 1: Animal (#97)
Page: 88-91
Section: Essays
Subject: Werner Herzog’s “Grizzly Man”; the story of Acteon in Ovid’s “Metamorphoses”;  Edmund Spenser; Terrence Malick’s “The New World”
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